Adapted from the BC Ministry of Education


1. In a safe and supported environment, I respond meaningfully to communication from peers and adults. With support, I can be part of a group.


2. In familiar situations, with direct support, I communicate with peers and adults.

I understand and share basic information about topics that are important to me. I talk and listen to people I know. I plan and complete activities with peers and adults. I can answer simple direct questions about my activities and experiences.


3. In familiar situations, with some support or guidance, I communicate with peers and adults.

I understand and share basic information about topics that are important to me, and participate in conversations for a variety of purposes (e.g., to connect, help, be friendly, learn/share). I listen and respond to others. I can work with others to achieve a short-term, concrete goal; I do my share. I can recount simple experiences and activities, and tell something I learned.


4. I communicate with peers and adults with growing confidence, using forms and strategies I have practiced.

I gather basic information I need for school tasks and for my own interests, and present it in ways I have learned. I am becoming an active listener; I ask questions and make connections. When I talk and work with peers, I express my ideas and encourage others to express theirs; I share roles and responsibilities. I recount and comment on events and experiences.


5. I communicate clearly, in an organized way, using a variety of forms appropriately. I acquire the information I need for school tasks and for my own interests, and present it clearly.

In discussions and collaborative activities, I am an engaged listener—I ask clarifying and extending questions. I share my ideas and try to connect them with others’ ideas. I contribute to planning and adjusting a plan, and help to solve conflicts or challenges. I am able to represent my learning, and connect it to my experiences and efforts. I give and receive constructive feedback.


6. I communicate confidently in organized forms that show attention to my audience and purpose.

I acquire information about complex and specialized topics from various sources, and synthesize and present it with thoughtful analysis. I contribute positively to discussions and collaborations, and help to organize and monitor the work. I ask thought-provoking questions, integrate new information, support others, and help to manage conflicts. I offer detailed descriptions of my own efforts and experiences. I give, receive, and act on constructive feedback.


7. I communicate effectively in well-constructed forms that are effective in terms of my audience and purpose.

I acquire, critically analyse, and integrate well-chosen information from a range of sources. I show understanding and control of the forms and technologies I use. In discussion and collaboration, I acknowledge different perspectives, and look for commonalities. I offer both leadership and support; I am flexible and have a variety of strategies and experiences to draw on. I am able to represent my learning and my goals, and connect these to my previous experiences. I accept constructive feedback and use it to move forward.


8. I am intentional and strategic; I am able to engage and accomplish my purpose with an increasing range of audiences, including those I do not know.

I access and make strategic choices from complex and specialized information sources. I show expertise in the forms and technologies I use. I can take leadership in a discussion or collaboration, and focus on deepening or transforming our thinking. I seek consensus, and focus on collective results. I can articulate a keen awareness of my strengths, my aspirations and myself. I offer detailed analysis, using specific terminology, of my progress, work and goals.



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