Adapted from the BC Ministry of Education


1. I get ideas when I play. I get ideas when I use my senses to explore. My play ideas are fun for me and make me happy.


I make my ideas work or I change what I am doing. I can get new ideas or build on or combine other people’s ideas to create new things within the constraints of a form, a problem, or materials.


2. I can get new ideas, build on other’s ideas and add new ideas of my own, or combine other people’s ideas in new ways to create new things or solve straightforward problems.


My ideas are fun, entertaining, or useful for me and my peers, and I have a sense of accomplishment. I can usually make my ideas work within the constraints of a given form, problem, or materials if I keep playing with them.


3. I can get new ideas in areas in which I have an interest and build my skills to make them work.


I generate new ideas as I pursue my interests. I deliberately learn a lot about something (e.g., by doing research, talking to others, or practising), so that I am able to generate new ideas about it or the ideas just pop into my head. I build the skills I need to make my ideas work, and usually succeed, even if it takes a few tries.


4. I can get new ideas or reinterpret others’ ideas in ways that have an impact on my peers. I get ideas that are new to my peers.


My creative ideas are often a form of self-expression for me. I have deliberate strategies for quieting my conscious mind (e.g., walking away for a while, doing something relaxing, being deliberately playful), so that I can be more creative. I use my experiences with various steps and attempts to direct my future work. I can develop a body of creative work over time in an area of interest or passion.


5. I can get new ideas and develop them to form a body of work over time or to have an impact in my community or beyond.


I have interests and passions that I pursue over time. I am willing to take significant risks in my thinking. I can persevere over years if necessary to develop my ideas. I expect ambiguity, failure and setbacks, and use them to advance my thinking.



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