Adapted from the BC Ministry of Education


1. I can explore.


I can explore materials and actions. I can show if I like something or not.


2. I can use evidence to make simple judgments.


I can ask questions, make predictions, and use my senses to gather information. I can explore with a purpose in mind and use what I learn. I can tell or show something about my thinking. I can contribute to and use simple criteria. I can find some evidence and make judgments.


3. I can ask questions and consider options.


I can use my observations, experience, and imagination to draw conclusions and make judgments. I can ask open-ended questions, explore, gather information, and experiment purposefully to develop options. I can contribute to and use criteria. I can use observation, experience, and imagination to draw conclusions, make judgments, and ask new questions. I can describe my thinking and how it is changing.


4. I can gather and combine new evidence with what I already know to develop reasoned conclusions, judgments, or plans.


I can use what I know and observe to identify problems and ask questions. I can explore and engage with materials and sources. I can consider more than one way to proceed and make choices based on my reasoning and what I am trying to do. I can develop or adapt criteria, check information, assess my thinking, and develop reasoned conclusions, judgments, or plans.


5. I can evaluate and use well-chosen evidence to develop interpretations; identify alternatives, perspectives, and implications; and make judgments. I can examine and adjust my thinking.


I can ask questions and offer judgments, conclusions, and interpretations supported by evidence I or others have gathered. I am flexible and open-minded; I can explain more than one perspective and consider implications. I can gather, select, evaluate, and synthesize information. I can consider alternative approaches and make strategic choices. I can take risks and recognize that I may not be immediately successful. I can examine my thinking, seek feedback, reassess my work, and adjust.


6. I can examine evidence from various perspectives to analyze and make well-supported judgments and interpretations about complex issues.


I can determine my own framework and criteria for tasks that involve critical thinking. I can compile evidence and draw reasoned conclusions. I can consider views that do not fit with my beliefs. I am open-minded and patient, taking the time to explore, discover, and understand. I can make choices that will help me create my intended impact on an audience or situation. I can place my work and that of others in a broader context. I can connect the results of my inquiries and analyses to action.




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