Adapted from the BC Ministry of Education


1. I am aware of myself as different from others.


I know my name. With some help, I can identify some of my attributes.


2. I am aware of different aspects of myself. I can identify people, places, and things that are important to me.


I can identify some of my individual characteristics. I can describe my family, home, and/or community (people and/or place). I can explain what I like and dislike. I am able to explain what interests me.


3. I can describe different aspects of my identity. I have pride in who I am.


I am able to identify different groups that I belong to. I am able to represent aspects of my cultural contexts (such as family, communities, school, peer groups) through words and/or images. I can describe what is important to me. I can describe and demonstrate pride in my positive qualities, characteristics, and/or skills. I can explain how I am able to use these to contribute to my home and/or community.


4. I understand that my identity is influenced by many aspects of my life. I am aware that my values shape my choices, and contribute to making me a unique individual.


I understand that my identity is made up of many interconnected aspects of my life such as experiences, family history, heritage, where I live, and groups I identify with (including family, friends, peers, and virtual communities). I understand that what I value influences the choices I make and how I present myself in various contexts. I understand that my characteristics, qualities, strengths, and challenges make me unique, and are an important part of the communities I belong to (including people and places).


5. I can identify how my life experiences have contributed to who I am; I recognize the continuous and evolving nature of my identity.


I understand that my learning is continuous and my concept of self and identity will continue to evolve. I can describe how aspects of my life experiences, family history, background, and where I live (or have lived) have influenced my values and choices. I can identify how my strengths can help me meet challenges, and I understand that I will continue to develop new skills, abilities, and strengths. I can identify how my challenges can be opportunities for growth. I can identify my potential as a leader in the communities I belong to.



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