The education of a child is a partnership between the school and the home.
Below each photo you will find the staff member’s contact information.  We look forward to hear from you.

Mr. Ralph Gabriele
Mr. Joe Adams
Ms. Maricel Ignacio
Mr. Gabriel Donnici

Mr. Jim Au
Department Head of Physical Education
Mr. John Oswald
Department Head of International Program
Mr. Peter Holowka
Department Head of Information Technology
Ms. Tina Tinaburri
Department Head of Modern Languages
Ms. Pia Inguanez
Ms. Danielle Cree
Ms. Shenette Salgadoe
Mr. Dave Hancock
Department Head of Visual Arts
Ms. Anita Guglielmini
Ms. Cristina Ferreira
Ms. Izabela Zakrzewska
Mr. Paul Siu
Ms. Val Anderson
Department Head of Social Studies
Mr. Carmine Renzullo
Mr. Steve Grout
Dr. Tony Araujo
Department Head of Choral Music
Ms. Una Babuin
Department Head of Mathematics
Ms. Eileen Cervi
Department Head of Campus Ministry
Ms. Cathy Wong
Department Head of Science
Ms. Linda Graham
Ms. Shelley Greene
Department Head of Personal Planning
Mr. Ray Aberin
Ms. Charlene de Faye
Department Head of Counselling Services
Ms. Grazyna Zimny
Mr. David Wicks
Ms. Michelle Lappan
Mr. Richard Zahar
Department Head of English
Mr. Marc Mongeon
Ms. Ann Marie McGrath
Department Head of Religious Education
Ms. Aleli Perez
Ms. Adele Renzullo
Mr. Joseph Vernier
Ms. Olivia Bidzinski

Ms. Jackie Quiroz
Ms. Kimberly Mah
Learning Support Services Coordinator
Natalie Castro
Special Education Assistant
Ms. Una Kerin
Student Records Manager
Ms. Marcia Quiroz
Cafeteria Operations
Ms. Trisha Dickinson
Special Education Assistant
Mr. Kevin Solis
Learning Assistant
Mr. Howard Choy
Special Education Assistant
Ms. Justine Quiroz
Learning Assistant
Ms. Layla Troung
Special Education Assistant
Ms. Carolyn Wong Levesque
Ms. Caitlin Del Rosario
Mr. Jacek Kwiatkowski
Building Maintenance
Mr. Don Marino
Department Head of Learning Support Services