St. Patrick Regional offers a variety of different clubs. Some clubs are restricted to grades, and others are open to every grade. We offer everything from hands-on learning (like Altar Serving and Robotics club) to peer-led clubs (such as JPM and Reading Buddies). There is sure to be a club that interests you. Joining clubs at St. Pat’s is a fun and exciting way to meet new people, showcase your strengths and talents, and participate in an activity that you’re interested in!

Choral Music:
  The St. Patrick Regional Secondary Choir consists of over half of the student body enrolled. Many are willing to participate and experience the variety of opportunities it offers such as scholarships and a music theory course. Our Chamber and Concert Choirs were the first Canadian high school choirs to participate in the US National Choral Invitational “Festival of Gold” where we have received three consecutive Gold Rankings. Additionally, our high school choir has been invited to perform in international conferences and festivals throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

Student Council:
Student Council is an extra-curricular program open to hard-working grade 12 students who take pride in sharing thoughts and taking on a leadership role. The elected student council members work to create assemblies, events, and videos for the student body. They are ambassadors for the whole student body and act as a bridge between the students and the staff. As ambassadors and role models, the student council members work many hours to help create a safe, welcoming, and supportive community.

Under the direction of Ms. Quiroz and Mrs. Altoe, the student council is responsible for creating, organizing, and hosting different events throughout the year. Each event is created to highlight the strengths and talents of our school, to give thanks to God for all the blessings He has given us, and to share important information with the student body. The Student Council host events such as the Walk-a-thon assembly, our student-led Remembrance day ceremony, the Shamrock Dance Competition, and our annual Talent Show.

Play Production:
Our drama courses allow students to exhibit several aspects of theatre and a variety of skills within the craft. In grades 8 and 9, learners are exposed to the building blocks of scene creation, storytelling, and improvisation. In grade 10, learners continue to develop their skills in acting, character development, and script work and also explore playwriting and theatre history. In Drama 11 & 12, learners hone their performance skills in rehearsing and performing live shows for an audience and learn about different styles of theatre.