To ensure the safety of our students, we ask parents to adhere to Traffic Guidelines. Please refer to the St.
Patrick Regional Secondary School Traffic Guideline Map and follow the designated drop off and pick up

Student Drop off Map

Please comply with the Motor Vehicle Act of British Columbia at all times. The following are some
suggestions and reminders to keep traffic flowing safely:

  • Do not at any time stop in the middle of the street for drop off or pick up
  • Have students keep their bags with them in the vehicle (stopping to access the trunk slows down traffic).
  • Please follow the instructions of traffic patrol attendants and the local traffic signals (e.g., 4-way stop signs, no parking, and school zone speed limit signs).
  • Please note that the laneways should never be used as a thoroughfare.
  • All students are advised to exercise due diligence regarding traffic safety in and around the school. We would urge you to discuss with your child the need to make sure that they look both ways when crossing the street.

Please give the parent parking patrol team your full support as they are keeping our children safe. We would
appreciate your cooperation.