The Shamrock Dance Competition Guidelines

1. All participants must be attending the high school they are registered under.
2. Points will be deducted from teams for music with foul language (curse words, derogatory terms, racial slurs, etc) and or overly provocative uniforms or dance moves.
3. All routines must be a minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of 3 mins and 30 seconds
4. As this is a high school event, the use or sale of drugs and /or alcohol is absolutely prohibited. If this happens, the team will be disqualified and asked to leave the premises immediately.
5. A registration confirmation will be sent via email once the registration has been completed and payment has been received. 
6. Once you receive your registration confirmation, you must provide a full roster within 24 hours emailed back to the Shamrock Lead. A roster is required and must include the full name of each squad member, birthday, age and grade in addition to the full names of the Coach and or Teacher Sponsor(s).
7. By Monday April 3rd, 2023, your team will be sent a private practice time slot which will be the same day as the competition. If you miss this time slot, it will be assumed that you have forfeited your private practice time. We encourage you, even if you don’t require the practice to use your private practice time to run your music straight through 1-2x.
8. All teams are responsible for emailing their music to by March 27th, 2023 in mp3 format. Please label your music with your school name and division: example: StPats-Senior
** we encourage you to bring a copy of your music via CD, iPod as backup for the day of competition