Application Fee Schedule


Grade 8
All new applicants $100
Grade 9 to Grade 12
All new applicants $100
International Students $150

These fees are non-refundable. Tuition fees may be paid in full or paid by automatic debit to your bank account on the 1st of each month.

The above fees are dependent on the school receiving the per-student provincial operation grant from the Ministry of Education. To qualify for this grant the student must attend at least 600 hours of instruction between July 1st to May 15th, and the parent or guardian must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. In the event that the student does not qualify for this grant, an amount equal to the grant (approximately $3500.00) will be automatically added to the first payment.



Financial Commitment Policy

It is the intention of the school to work with families who may be incurring financial challenges and require assistance in maintaining the agreed upon payment of tuition and other fees

  • Each family will review, agree and sign & return one (1) CISVA Family Statement of Commitment form that will be included in each registration package & retain a copy. This form is the basis of commitment that CISVA prescribes of each family enrolled in CISVA schools.
  • In the event of non-payment or notification of any Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) cheques to the school for the payment of tuition or any other fees levied by the school the following actions will be taken:


First notification of NSF non-payment for tuition or any other fees levied by the school. The school will immediately forward an invoice advising of NSF non-payment accompanied by a letter requesting payment plus service charges within 30 days of receipt.
Non-compliance of payment request within 30 days. A second letter accompanied by an invoice (Fees plus service charges plus interest) demanding payment within 15 days. In the event that the family believes that non-payment will continue due to hardship, the family must request a meeting with parish Pastor to discuss parish support of payment to the school. The school reserves the right to contact the Pastor to confirm that this meeting has taken place and there is financial support forthcoming. An agreement then is created with the parish and family to confirm future payment schedules.
Non-compliance or no response to 2nd request for payment. A meeting will be arranged with the family, Archbishop’s Representative, senior school administration, and the REC designate to discuss payment plan. The school reserves the right to include the family’s parish Pastor in this meeting if required. The family may be placed on a cash only basis for all future payments and no other payment for extracurricular fees will be accepted until payments in arrears are fully paid.
No resolution to debt re-payment by the time of the annual registration or re-registration for upcoming school year. The family will not be allowed to re-register in the school until full payment for fees in arrears are paid. In the case of a family with a student in grade 12, they will not be allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies.